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I used to be a custodian of the word – “Broke”,

I have been at a very low point in my life financially and I can tell you that I know first hand what it feels like to struggle financially, how it feels like to rely on your salary that vanishes before the next mid month.

This was my fate 5 years ago, when I lost over N9 million naira to a Solid Mineral Consignment due to a Nationwide Labor Strike in 2015.

I was deeply in debt, in fact I had to sell my two Cars to survive and also take care of my family.

I still have a very clear image of how my wife and daughter were crying uncontrollably because of my situation and that shattered my heart into pieces.

One day, while surfing the internet with my small Nokia android phone, in my small room back then,

I got a DM from a Briton requesting to know if I will be interested in CPA Affiliate Marketing, that could make me hundreds of dollars daily.

Although it sounded quite complex to me (which turned out to not be the case), I was ready to take the challenge.

Like I said, I was ready to do anything legit that could transform my life from that horror state.

The next thing I heard was shocking!

He was going to reveal all his secrets and strategies at his forthcoming Introductory class which would cost me $250 to gain access into the class.

Wow, I was shocked.

That was more than I was worth back then.

How would I get such amount?

I could have easily disregarded him and called him a scam, but my instincts felt he was legit and I followed my instinct.

I then remember a famous quote that; if you want it bad enough, you will get it.

I sprung to action!

 I started reaching out to my family, I was able to borrow that money from my Grandma(Unfortunately she’s now late)

Then I reached out to him (the Briton) and finally gained access to the introductory class where my eyes were opened to the world of CPA Affiliates Programs.

After investing the £250, several hours of hard work, sleepless nights I eventually cracked the code, and…

Made over $50,000 in 6 months!

This was the turning point for me.

And since then, over the years, I have invested over $10,000 dollars on education, seminars (home and abroad) to explore every possible nook and cranny of this highly Profitable Income Opportunity.

And it was worth every penny.

Because I’ve made way more than that so far.

That’s not all.

Since then, I’ve also trained over 100 students who have also replicated similar success for themselves.

Take a look at some of my Earnings below…

The thing is I’ve always charged quite a lot for this training in the past two years.

But today, I want to do something that I never thought I would ever do.

Something that may make a bunch of my students, angry, if they hear a word of it.

See some of their Testimonials below.

For a limited time and to a limited number of persons, I will be opening the opportunity to learn this high income skill from me via an online webinar training at a RIDICULOUSLY low rate.

In this exclusive training you’ll learn how to…

…Create another source of income that helps you Earn in Dollars.

The Current Dollar Rate is ₦475 to $1.

Imagine earning $1,000 from this Business.

That’s a whooping ₦475,000 !

Tell me, what would an extra N475,000 do for you?

Meanwhile, You also get to learn all you need to know about this little known but highly profitable niche CPA Affiliate Marketing.

That’s not all!

You also have access to the course material,

You’ll also get access to an exclusive group where you get to ask your questions and learn from others.

This training is only worth over $1,000, and it will even be a steal. At that rate.

You shall also get online technical support.

But you won’t be paying even half of that for access to this training.

I’m offering this at a rate so low, you may probably think that I’m crazy.

With just 2,000, you get instant access to this training!

Yes, you saw that right just ₦2,000!

That’s all you need for a training that easily worth $1,500.

In fact, by the time you’re done with this training, (especially if you have a good conscience), you actually feel bad for cheating me because of the amount of value you get,

especially when you remember that you only paid only ₦2,000 Naira for this

Why am I doing this?

The truth is that I can choose to do it for Absolutely free. But you agree with me that people don’t value free stuff.

Why am I doing this?

The truth is that I can choose to do it for Absolutely free.

But you agree with me that people don’t value free stuff.

So I thought of asking for a little commitment from you, because that has also worked for me, for some of my training in the past.

But there’s a catch.

This offer will only be available for a limited time before the price goes to ₦20,000.

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This can be your best ever financial decision as it is for me.

But not everyone will be fast enough to register before the price goes to ₦20,000

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And please note that this is not for everyone.

This is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

If you’re not ready to put in the work, please this is not for you.

It’s a dollar seed that needs your commitment

If you think that putting aside ₦2,000 for this training is still too much of a big deal.

Then, this is not for you either.

In fact, you might as well stop reading right now.

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Option 1

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N2,000 into;
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Frequently Asked Questions

NO, you start earning from what you’ll learn from this class.

NO, websites or blogs are additional advantages but not compulsory.

NO, all you need is an internet enabled device.

NO, it is not Forex trading.