One of the top 8 asked finance questions on Google and Bing search engines is…

How do banks make money?

Finally! A finance expert with 11 years experience NOW REVEALS…

Secrets Your Bank Would NEVER Tell You About This $6.6 Trillion Industry

And the unpopular way you can take your slice of this $6.6 trillion cake like banks do.

Lagos, Nigeria

You walk into any bank in the world and the first thing you see is a finance currency board, look at the top-right corner of the picture.

You neglect it, you take it for granted…

You never knew it was and still is the key to a $6.6 trillion breathing industry.

$6.6 trillion not yearly, not monthly…

It is a $6.6 trillion DAILY industry (that is 270+ million dollars per hour)

I’m sure you didn’t see that one coming…

Banks will never tell you they make money through trading.

But banks have been trading in this industry for almost a century now.

And they wouldn’t be so willing to let you in on their secret way of milking the foreign exchange market.

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world!

Most people seem to not notice these boards talk more of the fact banks make a whole lot of money trading in the foreign exchange market.

Little wonder such questions flood Google and Bing search engines.

You see these days, not only banks are allowed to make money through foreign exchange trading.

In recent history, individuals have also been given access to trade in the foreign exchange market.

The only thing is that most individuals just jump into the foreign exchange market to make huge sums of money.

They don’t ask questions like:

“How have banks been trading in these foreign exchange markets for decades?”

“How can I trade as banks do?”

This is the reason why individuals fail.

They have been going about it the wrong way.

According to forexschoolonline.com, 95% of traders don’t succeed.

tradeciety.com, theforexguy.com, and many other publications have confirmed this in the past.

Out of this 5% of people who succeed, 92% are bank traders

Let me make it simpler

If 1000 people trade in the foreign exchange market, 950 people fail.

Only 50 succeed.

Out of the 50 people who succeed, a staggering 46 people are bank traders.

Do you see how massive this is?

Yet, individuals are in such a haste to make so much money from this $6.6 trillion market that they feel they can just make it on their own without consulting the right Oracle.

Banks are simply the big guys in this industry…

One needs to first study them and learn from them.

One needs to first discover the secrets that have made these banks continuously wax in the foreign exchange trading business since the year 1928 before one thinks of trading on his own.

How can you just see that the trading gates are now open to individuals and you just jump on it?

Individuals need to sit down at the feet of bank traders and learn with the right mentality.

If you’re going to make money from foreign exchange trading, why not decide to make ungodly sums of money and to make this money continuously for a long time just like banks do?

Why the rush?

In this case, the patient dog literally eats the fattest bone.

I studied how banks trade for 6 years and discovered how they turn in a lot of profits and have never run out of business trading in the foreign exchange market.

I started by going to Nigerian banks to find out their secrets.

In 2009, I had a relative who worked in a bank.

He worked in the foreign exchange section.

I went there weekly.

Coming to think of it, it would have been quite suspicious… Seeing a face that is not on the staff book almost every week with a pen and jotter.

I didn’t just study how banks trade, I practised everything I learnt along the way.

Step by step, I had a huge journal where I documented every single thing.

I studied, practised and failed.

I branched out to the United Kingdom and got a mentor there who taught me the rudiments of foreign exchange trading.

I first reoriented my mentality then got conversant with the fundamentals.

I then discovered the secrets banks will never tell you and how they make bastard sums of money through foreign exchange trading.

I now have 11 years experience trading in the foreign exchange market.

I’m Michael Olatunji.

Foreign exchange trading has changed my life and the lives of over 1,016 people who I have trained from 14 different countries of the world.

I have been able to live life on my terms.

I have made over $100,000 from foreign exchange trading but that is not the point I’m trying to make.

Ikenna Ronald Nzimora

A foremost business mogul once had this to say about me…

“Thought leaders, opinion shapers, please WRITE BOOKS.
Write books applicable in the African and Nigerian context.
Michael Olatunji, I’m watching you”

This shows the amount of trust he has in my expertise.

I’m not one of those lucky traders who had a huge win once and now regard themselves as trading experts, it took me time and perseverance.

So why have I told you all this?

If 95% of traders do not succeed in trading, then only 5% succeed.

The question is…

How does one become part of this 5%?

How does one take his or her slice of the $6.6 trillion daily cake?

The answer is in these amazing four words that have seemed to evade 95% of traders for decades now.

The four simple words are:

Trade like banks do.

As simple as that.

Your bank will never tell you a lot of things, one being they are one of the most experienced foreign exchange profitable traders in Africa.

It took me 5 years to discover exactly how these banks do it,

it took me 11 years of trading actively to fully grasp this knowledge and perfectly document them piece by piece.

I would be showing you the secrets to trading like banks do but firstly,

I would like to simply answer the question going on in your head…

“In simple terms, what is foreign exchange trading?”

Let’s answer that question with this conversation between Joe and Aboki…

Joe: Aboki, change this dollar for me well na. Why are you doing me like this?

Aboki: Sir, that is the price now, if you came in the morning it would have been different

Have you ever gone to change dollars to naira before?

In Nigeria, it is often the Aboki men doing this exchange in an angle of the market.

Joe gives Mr Aboki $50 and he gives Joe 20,000 naira.

You see, Joe is exchanging foreign currency for a local currency right?

This exchange is simply traditional.

It is a traditional way of exchanging foreign currency, it is the basics of the foreign exchange market.

If you are a regular, you would know the prices vary almost every single time…

If you meet that Aboki (local bureau de change) in the morning,

He might exchange your $50 for 20,000 naira, that is each dollar is worth 400 in naira. ($1 = 400naira)

In the evening, he might exchange $50 for 22,500 naira, that is each dollar is now worth 450 in naira. ($1 = 450naira)

Some forces cause these things.

These forces cause the market to fluctuate.

When these things happen someone is making profits and someone is also somewhere losing.

Are you with me?

See, if I had given Mr Aboki that $50 in the morning and left for my hotel room,

That $50 in his hands is now worth 22,500 naira by evening.

So Mr Aboki just made extra profits.

I am now with my 20,000 naira in my hotel room sipping my morning tea.

What if I waited till evening to go give Mr Aboki that my $50 in exchange for naira?

If I had waited till evening, I would have had 22,500 naira.

Wow! That is an extra 2,500 naira for what?

For patience.

Imagine someone tells you when to wait till evening or make that exchange in the morning.

This someone does this every day for 30 days (1 month)

You will make 2,500naira profits every day for 30 days.

2,500 x 30 = 75,000 naira

75,000 naira just from knowing when to exchange right?

This is simply the traditional sense of foreign exchange trading.

Everything is now digitized.

You don’t need to always stand up from your hotel room, pay transport fare, get under the sun all to meet Mr Aboki

Like everything in life, technology has made this very convenient.

The use of your device and internet connection is enough to connect you with the largest financial market in the world.

You can trade in more currencies, not even dollar to naira.

You can now trade with foreign currencies like:

Euro which is shortened as EUR

British Pound which is shortened as GBP

Canadian Dollar which is shortened as CAD

United States Dollar which is shortened as USD

This is all now digital.

All these foreign currencies are simply known as currency pairs.

Foreign exchange trading is the buying and selling of currency pairs which can now be done from the comfort of our homes.

Now that you have grasped the concept of foreign exchange trading, I would be telling you…

The secrets banks will never tell you and how they make boatloads of money through foreign exchange trading.

It is very important to tell you this:


I would like to mention again that this is 11 years of work, experience, breakthrough stories, turning pages of my journals, hunger strikes, 6 figure dollar profits for myself, and over half a million dollars made from my students and I.

These secrets are all combined in a blueprint.

But back to what I was saying,

These secrets are NOT for everyone

Firstly, it is for people with the right mentality.

Congratulations for coming this far, if you actually read up to this moment, I’m pleased… You know what you really want.

I will be showing these secrets banks use to trade in the foreign exchange market.

I’m putting it together in a blueprint so it would be easy to understand and it will also contain methods of implementing.

You see I will not only be showing you these secrets but I will be giving you the full package from ground zero.

You see two things that can make the Average Joe on your street go from novice to professional in trading in almost no time are:

  1. The right mentality
  2. A proven blueprint

Like I said earlier,

Coming this far shows you know what you want and you have the right mentality already,

though I would still be taking you on the psychology of a professional trader. Your RIGHT interest is gold.

A Proven Blueprint: A proven blueprint is a track record, the mistakes and wins I have experienced. The secrets to trading like banks that I discovered after years and years of studying them.

An Average Joe on your street who has the right mentality and a blueprint or in other words, a road map of 11 years practical experience sandwiched into an intensive course… Will definitely start making profits immediately!

Adewuyi Tamilore had this to say,

I am just so grateful for meeting Hon. Akin Alabi and Michael Olatunji… This people changed my life even as a University boy…”

Now let’s go into some private conversations…

Are you new to foreign exchange trading?

Do you have little or no experience?

Do you have little capital and you want a fast track that will take you from beginner to professional?

Do you really want to trade profitably like banks have done for almost a century?

Are you genuinely interested in making ungodly sums of money from somebody that has been training top traders and trading for 11 years?

Then this is the answer to your prayers…

The No Bullsh*t Proven Blueprint That Contains Bank's Foreign Exchange Trading Secrets.

(This Blueprint Has Taken Beginner traders to Professionals In The $6.6 Trillion Industry under 30 hours)

Warning: This is not something gotten from different books or created out of theory as some inexperienced false tutors do.

We are talking about extensive day and night practicals here for over a decade.

The secrets to banks’ longevity and profitability which I took years and years to study.

We are talking about documented multiple failures here, things you should avoid to prevent losing your money.

A module on it reads…

“4 things I wish I knew before I ever traded my first currency”

If I knew this 11 years ago, I would have most likely doubled my total dollar earnings by now and more importantly, I would have bought a duplex in the United States. That has been my dream for over two decades now.

Anyway, moving into my own duplex here in Lagos is a good step towards my U.S landlord dreams. My friend’s people will say, “Today is early enough”.


The 30 hours Foreign exchange Proven Blueprint

It is only for this kind of people:

  • If you are just playing around with foreign exchange trading not expecting much from it, well you might as well not take this course because you might end up falling in love with foreign exchange trading and getting rich in the process.
  • If you’ve tried several forex courses both free & paid and seen little or even no progress, this will be the best thing you will lay your hands on.
  • If you have a day job and foreign exchange is your side gig, something you do 1 or 2 hours every day to bring in a couple more dollars every month, then this course might be that ticket to finally quitting your job.
  • If the coronavirus has left you scared, on the defence, and with no success on your recent trades, this course is your prayer finally answered.
  • If you want to escape all the HARD parts about trading forex and just need a mentor that has been there and done that, this course is exactly that and much more.
  • If you just want to make a couple of winning trades and live a life with a little more options and freedom, we’re sorry but this course will give you much more than that.

This proven blueprint is a video course that contains:

30 Concentrated Hours

30 Models

1 Hour per Model

Everything is practicalized. You can see it all on a board as I dissect each of these models.

Below are just the skeleton of each module:

Module1: Introduction To Forex

Module 2: How to calculate pipes and lot sizes

Module 3: Effects of leverage on your trading account

Module 4: The Rules of Risk Management

Module 5: Four (4) Things I Knew When I Started Trading 11 years ago

Module 6: Types of Forex Orders (Instant Execution, Limit and Stop)

Module 7: Types of Foreign Exchange Analysis

Module 8: Types of Foreign Exchange Traders

Module 9: Parts of a Candlesticks & Japanese Candlesticks Pattern

Module 10: Plotting Trendlines and Breakout Candles

Module 11: Types of Foreign Exchange Markets (Trending, Ranging & Choppy)

Module 12: How To Trade Trending and Ranging Markets

Module 13: Identifying Support and Resistance Levels

Module 14: Marking Out Key Levels

Module 15: Foreign Exchange Chart Patterns

Module 16: Understanding Technical Indicators

Module 17: Hidden Secrets Behind Trading the Moving Average

Module 18: Trading Secrets On the Fibonacci Retracement Tool

Module 19: Price Action and Top-Down Analysis

Module 20: Setting Stop Losses and Managing Open Positions

Module 21: Intraday Trading Strategy using the Line Chart

Module 22: How To Scalp The Forex Market

Module 23: Currency Index, Correlations and Money Management Strategies

Module 24: The Importance of Keeping a Trade Journal

Module 25: The Importance of Having a Trading Plan

Module 26: Becoming a Successful Forex Trader

Module 27: NASDAQ Scalping Strategy with Low Risk

Module 28: Becoming a Swing Trader and Swing Trading Strategies

Module 29: A Guide To Using MetaTrader4 and TradingView

Module 30: Conclusion/Summary

Wow! My heart is racing out of excitement.

Isn’t she a beauty?

This is not all, the flesh to this skeleton is reserved due to copycats out there and the “Bank’s Trading Secrets they will never tell you” can not be elaborated further.

This video course would not only teach you the right path to follow and the bank trading secrets, but it will also push you to start acting now.


There are assignments at the end of each module that pays perfect attention to details that are necessary for making you a profitable trader.

These assignments will be discussed in a group of foreign exchange trading professionals where you can air your views.

THE POWER OF COMMUNITY (United Kingdom Technique)

This is something very underrated, the reason I grew fast when I went under a UK mentor was community.

I learnt the power of community from my Bank research in England.

I grew faster than ever imagined. That’s why schools were actually created.

A genius can get home-schooled and pass examinations but the essence of a community is for people with a regular agile human brain to all be carried along.

People who are not so much of a genius like I am…

People who are pushed when they see progress when they see a community to work hand-in-hand with and learn from every step of the way…

This United Kingdom Community technique has been used to teach people who literally told me they are bad at learning. They feared they didn’t have a high IQ.

In this community, we have professional traders, intermediate traders and total novices who are ever ready to push you up the ladder faster than usual.

Everything is broken down into pieces so that everybody can learn at their own pace but not get lazy. Access to this community. is highly restricted but you will be in this community.

You see, I want to lead you by the hand like a mother leads her toddler so you would become a profitable trader in no time.

You don’t need a High IQ,

You don’t need to have a magnificent laptop or phone

Right now, You’re probably wondering… “How much would this cost?”

Don’t flutter, you see… Any time you can invest in yourself and your future, it’s a good one.

Not to talk of a money minting skill as relevant as foreign exchange trading.

When we talk about something as detailed as this with the potential to make thousands of dollars on the side, it becomes hard to place a price on this value.

Let’s turn this question around…

What’s This Amazing Opportunity Worth To You?

What’s it worth to you to live life on your terms?

What is it worth to you to finally be assured of 7 figures months from the comfort of your bedroom?

What is it worth to you to render financial help to your loved ones?

What is it worth to you affording that vacation to any destination in the world without thinking much about it?

This proven blueprint which contains secrets to trading like banks do amongst other things is sold for 225,000 naira

But you know what?

I’m not going to charge you that today.

I’m slashing this price to 60,000 naira.


I’m trying to reach an audience of people who couldn’t afford 225,000 naira. Now I wanted to train a new set of people but for far less than I often do.

This is the lowest price it would ever be.

Of course, this offer wouldn’t last long, I am not a fool.

This offer is just to cater to enthusiasts willing to change their lives for the better.

I really want to reach out to those who can’t grab it for 225,000 naira.

Secondly, I’m looking forward to your powerful testimonials. That’s a selfish reason why I am giving this massive discount.

True testimonials fuel and praises give me joy. I mean even God loves praises, that’s the only thing he eats.

I simply need your testimonials to flood my website.

That is why I am giving this massive discount plus bonus.

The greatest way to rise is really by lifting others with you.

You will have access to this course for:


It can never get lower than this.

I have another special bonus for only people who sign up now and get to have access to this course.



While I teach you the bank’s trading secrets and how to generate powerful signals, you will be making money immediately.

I would be sending you signals that individuals from all over the world subscribe to for $100 monthly.

I will give you 3 months access to these signals so you can make money as soon as you click that button.

No waiting till you’re done learning (which is very alright)

But I love practicals, so you will see exactly how it is done but you will not just see, you get dollar credit alerts as you’re learning, you’re earning.


My Book On How to Turn your ideas into a business.

I recently launched a book that talks about how you can turn that idea you have into a profitable business.

Many people I’ve met give excuses like

-I don’t have enough money to start

-There’s no time to handle a business because of my 9-5 job

-I don’t have the know-how to go about it

Among some other flimsy excuses, but the truth is it’s all an illusion.

That’s why I’ve broken down the principles of starting a business with whatever idea you have.

You get hands-on experience real-life examples of my journey through entrepreneurship.

Once you get the program, I will ship this Gem to you for FREE as part of this package.

A blissful recap:

#1 – A proven blueprint that contains banks’ trading secrets and my step by step strategy that I have learnt through experience from trading in the foreign exchange market for 11 years = 225,000 naira

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#4 – (Get my new launched book (TOTALLY FREE) that gives you hands-on real life experience on how to turn your Ideas into a profitable business = N 15,000)

225,000 naira + 120,000naira + Access to a growing community of traders + 15,000 = 60,000 naira

That doesn’t add up in any way, does it?

I’m sure you can see this is a total steal.

That is how juicy this limited offer is.

You see, it is simple…

You decide to invest a token in getting this course, learning and implementing all the training inside at your own pace and start seeing results.

Finally, quit that day job or just have enough money to place your mother on a palatable monthly salary whatever it is you want.

Escaping that 95% of traders and moving into the top 5%, trading like banks do.

Your choice, but if you’ve got here I’m confident you’ll make the right choice.

Oh! One more thing…

No Questions 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after you take this course and you feel in any way that you have not gotten 3 times (3X) the value you’re paying for…

Simply ask for a refund and you will be paid back in full, no questions asked.

After 30 days of having access to this course and you feel you’re not okay with it, just reach out on any platform and you will get your money back in full.

Send your details like this.


Account number:

Proof of purchase:

Evidence of implementation:

Once you send this, an INSTANT full refund will be given to you. No questions asked.

In my 11 years of trading and training top traders none of my training, not a single one has failed to deliver what it promises. If saying this course will be a game-changer for you as a trader, it will be.

If you’re looking for anything other than these things I have told you, you might as well just go to those get-rich-quick courses from those “forex gurus”, regret it and come back here eventually.

Your investment of 100,000 naira in this course will be the turning point for you as a forex trader.

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