I had to sell my 2 cars to pay off my debt to save myself from embarrassment

Hi My Name is Michael Olatunji.

And Just 5 years ago

I was at the lowest of lows.

I had just lost a N9million naira in a failed solid mineral consignment due to a Nationwide Labor Strike in 2015. 

I was beyond devastated as this was my life savings turned into an investment that had gone down the drain. 

I was faced with the harsh reality of being indebted and having to watch my wife and daughter go through the un-needed pains of my hardship. 

My landlord had previously also turned me out of my apartment due to my inability to pay my rent. 

At this point in my life, I constantly had suicidal thoughts as I was tired of being in a position where I couldn’t change my own fortunes and being in a country where nothing worked. 

So, trust me when I say I understand what it means ;

To see your savings amount to nothing

To have NO money to cater to your needs

To have all your investment go down the drain

To be frustrated with life itself. 

However, I am here to encourage you and assure you that YOU CAN GET OUT OF THAT LOW! 

You can take your life in your hands and create the reality you want for yourself and your loved ones.

How did I overcome my frustration and predicament?

My answer is bound to shock you like it has done many others who have heard my story. 

My breakthrough came via a DM on a small Nokia phone! Unbelievable, right?  

Here’s how it happened: 

One day, while surfing the internet with my small Nokia android phone, in my small room back then, I got a DM from a Briton requesting to know if I will be interested in CPA Affiliate Marketing, that could make me hundreds of dollars daily. 

As a proper Naija and Lagos boy, I almost immediately wrote it off as a scam.

However, in my state, I was ready to make money by any legitimate means and I loved to take on challenges. 

I asked him all manner of questions as it was sounding too good to be true. 

From all he said, I knew this was my way out of my quagmire and this ‘oyinbo’ man was my guiding angel. 

After he had satisfactorily answered my questions, I asked him what I needed to do to start harnessing this opportunity. 

He then shocked me as he said he was going to teach and reveal all the top-level strategies to master CPA Affiliate Marketing at his forthcoming Masterclass which would cost me £250 to gain exclusive access into the Class.

My challenge immediately became how I was going to raise that money. I left no stone unturned and eventually got a loan from my Grandma to foot the bill. 

That was the change for me as I went on to make N10million in just 6 months with my small Nokia android phone and in my small room.

I became a small boy, big God, big MONEY. 

In a very short period of time, I started dealing directly with major European Forex Brokers and consequently, invested in learning and mastering the art of trading Forex and Binary options profitably because it was the main source of money in the field

Everyone wanted to know how I had done it. From friends to family members. 

That inspired me to teach many others the same strategies I was taught and that changed my life.

This might look like a script tenable for Superstory, but with the changes I have seen in the life of my trainees, I know this will make your life a Super story indeed. 

And as you’ll see,

My very first trainee was my own brother who was working at a Tax company here in Lagos and was earning N65,000, which couldn’t even cater to his basic needs.

The more painful part was that he is a First Class student. 

I trained him and he began doing it as a side business during his breaks and weekends and after about 6 weeks, he made over 500k. 

3 months later, he quit his job and faced CPA Affiliate Marketing and Forex trading full time. Now he has Properties of his own with a net worth of over 50 million.

His success story was my springboard to training others and I have trained several people around the world over the years. 

Their success is as predictable as it is mind-blowing. Many of them have made $2000-$5,000 in just their first month from what I taught them.

People  like…

Rolland  a young man in here in Nigeria who pocketed his first $2000 in his first month doing CPA MARKETING


John S. from Nigeria who pockets $2000 plus every single month doing CPA MARKETING

Or Ayodele who does over $3000 per month doing CPA MARKETING

My knowledge and skill also has granted me direct access to MDs and CEOs of these top European Brokers.

Now let me answer the Number 1 question I know might be on your mind…

Michael, Please what is this CPA AFFLIATE MARKETING in it’s simplest form?


I’ll try to answer this as simple as possible.

You see,

The full meaning of CPA is Cost per Action 

And here’s the shocker…

Every single one of us does CPA AFFLIATE MARKETING

The difference is some are paid for it, while some are not paid for it – because they don’t know there is a way they can be paid for it.

Let me explain…

Take for instance I’m Michael now,

And I have a deal with ShopRite

And ShopRite says,

Michael, for everyone one you refer to ShopRite for the first time to make a purchase –

Depending on the purchase the person makes on the first time he/she come in to our outlet,

We’re going to pay you a certain amount for that first time alone.

Take for instance their total purchase on that first day is  N3000

Michael, we’ll pay you N6000 – for referring that person to us.

So there is a pre-agreed amount 

You’ll be paid for an action some body takes with that business.

Now, you may be wondering…

Why will they pay me N6000 since the person only spent N3000 on that first day?

The answer is,

ShopRite knows that a customer is always a customer

And that once someone patronize them and love their service 

The person could patronize them 20 more times during that year

Which means they’ll continue to make money as the person keeps coming to shop.

And the N6000 they paid you the first time the person patronize them 

Is far less than the money they’ll keep making as the person patronize them over time.

You get it?

I gave this analogy to help you understand what CPA AFFLIATE MARKETING

But just that this time,

Instead of referring people to buy from ShopRite,

You’re referring them to Forex Brokers.

And that’s because they pay the highest – when you refer people to trade with them.

For example…

Imagine getting this in a month

That’s how rewarding CPA AFFILIATE MARKETING WITH FOREX Brokers is.

And here is how to get started in 3 steps

  1. Choose a broker (companies trading forex/crypto)
  2. Find out their CPA deals
  3. You start referring people to them.

Let me explain,

To make this as clear as possible,

Let’s start with the first one;

Choosing a Broker 

A quick search on google will give you a list of these forex brokers

But not all of them are credible enough…

So to find out the ones that are credible,

Here are the 3 things you need to look out for….

  • Use Google Map to Look at their address and confirm that they actually exist where they say they are.
  • Ask for their operating license
  • Find out about when they started business – as you already know, a broker with 20 years is more trustworthy compared to a broker that started 6 months ago. 

Any broker that meet these criteria is a good one

You get it?

Let’s move to the next one

Finding out the Broker’s CPA DEAL

A good way to find out from existing affiliates of the broker how much they get per sign ups

This way,

You won’t be short charging yourself.

You could also check their website to see their OFFERS.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to get brokers that offer deals like $200 -$700 per account.

But for now,

Let’s move to the last step;

Start Referring people interested in trading to your Broker

Here’s how to do it;

Go to the pages of people who refer to themselves as Forex coach,

and connect with their followers – as this people are interested in trading forex that’s why they are following these experts.

Once you connect with them, send them a message. 

Now, on your Social Media Account ( the one you connected with them with)

Upload a professional picture of yourself 

And start dropping free trading signals and educational contents about FOREX Trading every day

Don’t worry, in just a moment, 

I’ll show you where to get this trading signals, educational contents and I’ll also give you access to testimonials from my students so you could share them on your profile too,

This way, your prospect immediately sees you as an expert and will start asking you about how forex works -and how to get started

Then you direct them to your partner (broker) to sign up and you get your payment for referring them.

You get it?

And as you’ll see,

In my quest to help individuals tap into the opportunity of CPA MARKETING

I’ve started been going from one state to another showing serious-minded individuals how to build extra sources of income with CPA MARKETING – so we could save ourselves from our fallen economy

I’ve been to Abuja, Lagos, Port – Harcourt, Ogun , Ibadan

And this month, I will be hosting another one in Lagos on 26th September, 2021.

And in this training,

I will be exposing you to the world of  CPA MARKETING and how to be successful at i

Here’s a tip of what you’ll be learning in this training…

In fact, this HOW TO GET HIGH PAYING CPA deals is something I’ve mastered since I started in 2015.

Imagine being able to negotiate with these brokers to pay you $200 per referral

While others get paid $20 per referral

With 10 referrals in a month…(using what I’ll show you in this live training – this is very achievable)

You’d have $2000 sitting in your bank account

That’s 1 million per month 

While the other person goes home with just $200 (N100,000)

I’ll show you how to get deals like that.

But that’s not all…

In this training,

I’ll also show you how to Scale up to doing $10,000 or more per month with CPA MARKETING

Just like some me and other of my students who are currently in this zone

In this same training, I will be bringing Adewuyi Tamilore ( The WhatsApp Marketing Expert) on board.

He will break down to you all you need to know about using your WhatsApp for business and be profitable with it.

The exact step by step method he has used to generate over 50 million for himself this year alone.

I didn’t like doing business on WhatsAppp myself before I met him.

I used to keep WhatsApp as my own private space I didn’t want to mix it with business.

However, when he opened my eyes to it and I tried it out, I got additional signups than I used to do normally.

I was surprised and shocked about the goldmine I have been sleeping on and since then, I stopped joking with my WhatsApp.

As you’ll see,

I hold training like this in luxury hotels in Lagos for N350,000 ($1000) per head.

That’s N956 per day when you divide it by 365 days.

Less than the amount you spend in “chicken republic”.

And participants end up doing their first 1 million in a few weeks.

People like…

Or Rash Baba who does a minimum of N200,000 every single week right here in Nigeria.

That’s 6.4 Million Naira in just the first 7 months of the year

Best part, it doesn’t stop him from doing his day to day work

And they all heard about CPA MARKETING just like you are doing right now – Took Action on it…

And have gone to build wealth and freedom for themselves.

However, because I understand the state of the country and desire that you are part of this opportunity, I am giving this out at a GIVEAWAY PRICE!

As a way to impact lives and help you easily get started like those you’ve seen above 

You are probably thinking that would be


Or N200,000 

Or even N100,000

Well, you are totally wrong! 

The Giveaway fee is just N20,000($50)

That’s right!

N20,000 to gain access to the same information that has changed my life and the life of many others.

Plus I’m adding a little something extra to sweeten the deal.


Free Exclusive Access to my FOREX premium group + My Student’s Testimonials Vault to make your prospect immediately see you as an expert and reach out to you

As you already know,

One way I and my students predictably get people To reach out to us…instead of we reaching out to them

Is to show we have adequate knowledge about forex and crypto-currency market

And that’s why I’m giving you access to this Forex Group…

Where you constantly get trade signals from experts and the analysis behind the trade

So you can constantly share these trading strategies, educational contents and my student’s testimonials on your social media account – 

And be seen as an expert of the forex market

So you can easily get people interested in trading forex/crypto to reach out to you.

I’ll share more about how this works in the training.

In fact,

Some of my students even trade these signals themselves AND make extra money every month

BUT that’s not all…

I’m also adding another bonus for those who will act today…


Free Access to our Crypto premium group.

You see,

Some of your referrals will say they want to trade crypto and not forex.

And so you don’t lose them 

I’m giving you access to our Premium Crypto Group.

It’s valued at N100,000 per month 

But it’s yours for FREE if you act today.

Inside this premium group…

You’ll be able to get crypto trade signals you can post on your social media account and places these people are ( as i’ll show you in this training)

So they immediately see you as an expert,

And reach out to you.

You get it?

You can also trade these signals yourself if you like

And make good money every month from the crypto currency market.

And because I like rewarding action takers…

For this reason,

The first 20 people to register for this training within the next 24 hours will get a special gift from me.


FREE copy of my new bestselling book

One thing I always tell my students is…

As you start making enough money with CPA MARKETING

You’ll want to birth those ideas you have in your head and pursue your dreams

As you’ll now have the required money to fund it and make it successful.

And that’s why I wrote this book

You see, over the past 20 years…

I’ve been able to birth and successfully launch over 20 business ideas inside and outside Nigeria

This book contains my hard-won secrets on how I was able to build businesses in this same Nigeria where people say things are hard and have gone to do over 1 billion naira in Revenue

Here’s what Veterans are saying about it…

Just come and learn!

The workshop will be held in Lagos from 2pm – 6pm and the venue will be sent to only those who register.

Your only regret will be if you don’t come for this training, you may have to pay me N365,000($1,000) the next time I am holding this training again because by then you would have seen others’ results.

That won’t be you, right?

So register below before the seats are fully booked.

Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to the secured payment page

And once you’ve made your payment,

You’ll immediately be told what to do next and where CPA workshop will be holding.

3 months from now, you’ll be happy you took this opportunity.

 Just last month’s earnings of our CPA MARKETING accounts. 

Convert it to Naira and have your mouth opened.

Converted to Naira = N2,790,000

Converted to Naira = N21,600,000 in just one month

Converted to Naira = N34,492,500 in just one month

This could become a reality for you,

If you take action.

One more thing…

Because I’m so sure by how the value you’ll get at this WORKSHOP,

I’ve decided to carry all the risk.


If after the training,  you feel I wasted your time or you didn’t get 10X value worth your paid

Or you feel I misled you about CPA AFFILIATE MARKETING,

Please stand up right in the training and ask for your money back

I’ll refund you your N10,000 and even apologize for wasting your time.  

No hard feelings

I’m though sure of the value – that I’m willing to give you a money back guarantee

Now, you have nothing to lose.

But don’t take my word for it.

Reserve your seat and come learn how to use CPA marketing to bulletproof yourself from the our Fallen Economy

P.S. Once you click the button and it’s not going

It simply means the seats have been fully booked as our hall can only admit 50 people, so the atmosphere is conducive for learning.

The decision is yours to make.

Having issues reserving your seat, 

Click the button below to chat on Whatsapp…