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I met Michael for the first time at a seminar I had put together and co-hosted with Hon. Akin Alabi, the founder of NairaBET. The event cost $1,000 a seat and lasted for three days. When the event started, it was clear to me that Michael was a different breed and more experienced than the rest of the attendees. His questions were to the point, and he was in implementation mode as soon as a word left the speaker's mouth!
He wrote down everything we taught at the seminar and started implementing them immediately. I was impressed, and we struck up a friendship right away. Yes, I am a sucker for exceptional intelligence.
I came to know Michael better over the next few months, heard his story first-hand, and more importantly, got to do business with him.
Michael is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur, and one of the most resourceful people I know. He is the sort that when you ask, people will say, “Yes he can bring water out of stone.”


I met Michael Olatunji just a few years ago and right from the very first day, I could feel his energy and commitment to success. Unlike many people, he is truly hardworking and committed to success and he is ready and willing to learn and share his knowledge with others. Personally, I have learnt a lot from him that is helping me in business. Michael has proven that with dedication and focus, anyone can achieve good business success even in such a harsh business environment like Nigeria. You should listen to him.

Toyin Omotoso


Founder, Expertnaire


There’s very tiny percentage of people I listen to when it comes to business success and wealth building. Michael is high up there on the list. He didn’t get rich by teaching others how to get rich. He got rich taking actual risks, starting with almost nothing growing successful businesses from scratch, losing tens of millions of Naira, and making his fortune back in multiple folds with street level business savvy. Then and only then, did he start showing others how to do it. I’d rather listen to a guy who’s been there and done that — than someone whose only claim to business success is a book or course they sold teaching others how to get Rich.


If you are looking for a person who embodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Michael Olatunji is your guy. And it is not surprising. His mother was a very successful entrepreneur herself. Michael has started and grown several successful businesses and has tasted the failures and successes that come with being an entrepreneur. Add that to the fact that he has helped several people start businesses that made them money. You will not regret reading his business books. Take it from someone who has observed Michael's business moves.


A major part of people's success in life will likely come from "strangers", people you don't grow up with. The above statement goes a long way to explain why am writing this now. Before late in the year 2019, Michael Olatunji was a stranger I never could have thought would be a friend, brother and father to me. I must say, God bless the day I met him. He offered me the opportunity to stay connected with him...I grabbed it. Since then, he never stop surprising me with his teachings and support. One of his teachings, which am a living proof of is "you don't need a capital (financial) to start a business, you're the capital"...that statement is 100% true. qIf there's anyone who can show you exactly" how to turn your ideas to business", it's Michael Olatunji.

Abdulazeez Olajide


The Profitable Dude

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