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Michael Olatunji here.

Welcome to the FREE 30-Day Millionaire Trading mentorship where I’ll help you make a minimum of $100 in profits every week.

That’s over N40,000 in less than seven days.

Multiply that by 4 (N40,000 x 4 weeks) and you’re looking at ….

An additional N160,000 or more in 30 days using The Free Trading Signals I’ll be Sharing With YOU.

I’m sure there’s a lot you can do with that extra money.

I’ll send you the same trading signals I trade with so you can make good money for yourself.


You’re NOT paying me a kobo.

And YOU don’t need to have any experience in trading to make money with the signals I’ll be sending YOU.

One of my newest students (Jerimiah) just made (N160,000) in his first week alone…

You’ll easily make a minimum of $100 in profits every week if you follow the simple instructions below.


Open a new trading account with our recommended broker.

Please Click Here to Open YOUR ACCOUNT.


After registration with the above link in step one

Please make sure you send me your BDSwiss account ID for confirmation so you can be verified before making your deposit of $250.

Send it to me on Telegram with my username @michaelniyi.

Or via an email with [email protected]

I’ll confirm your BDSwiss account from my end (it takes just a few minutes)

And then I’ll give you instructions on how to make a deposit of $250 in your trading account.


Once you’ve been confirmed and verified, with your $250 already deposited in your trading account…

I’ll personally add you to my Private Telegram Signal Room, and there….

I’ll begin to explain in very simple English;

How you can use my trading signals (it takes less than 5-minutes) to make….

Nothing Less Than $400 in Profits Every Month,
For as Long as YOU Want It…

Here’s how this works:

Every day, for the next 30 days:

I’ll share with YOU one profitable trading signal in my private Telegram signal room

And tell YOU “when and how” to make the trade.

Let me emphasize again that you do not need any prior experience or knowledge to make money with the signals I’ll be sharing with YOU.

It takes just 5-minutes to Copy and Paste these signals.

Please note that….

This offer is only for the first 20 people to complete the registration, confirmation, verification and deposit.


Please send me your Account ID after registration for confirmation

This is the only way I’ll know you’re serious.

You can send your account ID to me via telegram or an email  (@michaelniyi and [email protected])

Once you’re confirmed and you’ve made your deposit,

You can start using my trade signals to make a minimum of $100 every week ….

And at least $6,000 in profits over the next 12 months.

$6,000 is currently over N2.4Million Naira.

Not bad, for a few minutes of “copy and paste” trading every day.


1. Why are You Giving Away YOUR Trade Signals For FREE?

It’s simple.

God has been kind to me.

Helping people is my way of giving back.

And because unlike most self-proclaimed Forex Gurus out there, I don’t make all my money teaching people how to trade Forex (I actually have real online businesses selling physical products that fetch me millions every year)

So it doesn’t hurt me to share my best trading signals with YOU for 30-days at zero cost.

2. How do I keep Getting These Trading Signals From You After The FREE 30 day Trial?

Good question.

When you must have made several hundreds of dollars from my FREE trading signals in the next 30 days….

… you’ll probably want to stay in touch with me and keep getting the very best of my trading signals.

If that’s the case,

All you have to do is pay a small risk-free $100 monthly subscription fee

And as you’ll see, this is a small investment compared to what YOU’ll be making in the next 30 days alone.

And believe it or not, Your subscription comes with….

A “No Excuses” 30-day refund policy

If after 30-days as a paid subscriber for my trading services….

You ‘re not satisfied…

Just ask for a refund and I’ll send you your $100 in full.

No excuses.

No hard feelings.

I’ll respect your decision no matter what.


If after the 30-day FREE TRIAL,

You’re no longer interested in using my trading signals…


You’re not under any obligation.

You can keep all your profits and withdraw your initial starting capital of $250

And you can go your way happy that you made a few hundred dollars using my FREE trading signals.

You actually have nothing to lose.

So go for it.

See you inside.

To your financial success.

Michael Olatunji.

PS: I think you’ll be shocked at how your financial situation will change after you START using my trading signals.

Think about it:

If you knew of a way to make at least $100 every week ….. and $6,000 every year – just by making a few 5-minute trades every day,

You probably wouldn’t care what happens to the economy would you?

P.P.S. And Remember, This offer is only available to the first 20 persons who complete their verification process.

After that – this offer expires… and you’re on your own.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email via {[email protected]} or a Telegram message using this LINK.


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